Password-Find vs. Password Recovery Software

Here are a few of the benefits of Password-Find compared to classic password recovery programs.


We leave desktop applications in the dust

Normally, password recovery programs guess millions of possible passwords on the user's computer. But the effectiveness of this method depends on how fast the computer is. And even if you have powerful servers, trying all of these passwords can take weeks or months, and it may not even work!

Unlike classic programs, Password-Find makes use of vulnerability in the protection in MS Office documents, one found in all Office versions from 97 to 2019. This allows practically 100% guaranteed success with older MS Word and MS Excel documents, as well as instant removal of protection for 50% of documents made in the newer, 2007–2019 versions of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

For documents that it can't find vulnerability in, Password-Find uses a specially developed hardware trick which lets us try the same number of passwords in one day that would take one year for a home computer! Thanks to this, we can crack absolutely ALL documents saved in MS Office 97–2003 format, and also find passwords for around 80% of documents saved in the newer format in MS Office 2007–2019. Not one desktop application can boast these kinds of results!


Most documents are opened instantly!

When you use the typical programs, finding the password can take a very long time: weeks, months, even years. Thanks to breakthroughs in cryptanalysis and a few tricks up Password-Find's sleeve, it's a piece of cake to pry the protection off the vast majority of documents. You can see the advantages of this method for yourself, without paying a cent! When using our service in free mode, you can crack MS Office documents instantly (with any file format version), and also view a preview of the beginning of the document.


One-click password cracking

Classic password recovery programs offer users a whole array of methods to get back your data. If you look through the vendors' websites, you can see a laundry list of terms: Dictionary, Brute-Force, Xieve, Plain-text, SmartSearch, Mask, Distributed, and more. To figure out which of these tools fits best, you have to spend hours poring through a hefty manual. But you need access to the document sooner, not later! And who wants to spend an evening learning about a program which will come in handy only once in your life?

With Password-Find, there's no guesswork involved. Just click the “Crack your file” button! The interface is deceptively simple: under the hood, our service has smart selection algorithms which free you, the user, from ever having to study documentation, muck about, or wait.


Pay only for what you get

Developers of the classic password cracking applications do not guarantee that their software will get you the password. They say that they are only you selling a tool, so they're not responsible for the results. Didn't get the password? Three letters: SOL. Here's what we wrote to the developers of some of the most popular password removal programs:

I have an Excel document created in MS Office 2007. If I buy your program,
but it fails to recover the password for my document, will I be able to get my money back?

And these are their answers:

No, we do not make refunds in such cases.


Due to the nature of our products we do not provide refunds
without strong reasons.


With Password-Find, you pay only for successfully decrypted documents / found passwords.


Password-Find works fast, no matter your computer

When using other companies' password recovery programs, the faster your computer, the better chances you have of finding the password.

Password-Find has solved that problem though: it works equally well on a top-of-the-line desktop, student laptop, or even smartphone! Even the fastest programs, run on some of the fastest servers on the market, don't have the same success rate as we do.

You don't have to install any apps: simply add Password-Find to your browser bookmarks, and you'll always have Password-Find handy when you need it!


An online service is absolutely secure

Authors of conventional password recovery programs propose you to download and install their software on your computer. As you understand, such tools are usually developed by groups of experienced hackers and you can never be sure that they do not have any built-in “sniffers”, “keyloggers” or other types of malware. We have checked one of the most popular recovery tools for MS Office documents, Advanced Office Password Recovery (version 5.03.541), for viruses and some anti-virus tools detected malicious code in it, and namely Trojan.Agent-124036. These anti-virus tools could be wrong, but… it’s up to you.

We provide our services online and will not ask you to download any programs, so we just can’t cause any harm to your computer. An online service is absolutely safe and secure!


Flawless operation in any operating system

Unfortunately, virtually all password recovery programs work exclusively in Windows. However, many people work with MS Office documents in other operating systems, such as UNIX, Linux, MacOS X, Android and others. If you are not a Windows fan, what will you do if you forget your document password? We suggest using our online service! It works in any operating system with a web browser – even on mobile platforms! To support older browsers, we developed a special version of the service that does not use Java Script and can work with cookies disabled. Try our service and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its flexibility!