The Password-Find service is designed to remove or recovery any type of passwords for MS Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 documents. The service currently supports MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word documents, MS PowerPoint presentations and VBA project passwords. Here go the key features and benefits of the service:

  • Instant removal of any passwords, restricting shared access to documents in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.
  • Guaranteed instant removal of password to open documents in MS Word and MS Excel 97-2003, protected by standard encryption regardless of password length and its complexity.
  • Unique opportunity of instant password removal to open more than 50% of documents in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint 2007 – 2019, protected by modern AES encryption!
  • Possibility to rent a supercomputer to find the original password to open documents in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.
  • Instant removal of any VBA project passwords.
  • No need to install any programs - all functions are available online.
  • Efficiency and speed of unlocking documents does not depend on characteristics of your computer. The service works effectively even on old workstations and smartphones!
  • Possibility to decrypt the first paragraph of your document for free.
  • Payment is made only for successfully unlocked documents.
  • The simplest interface, consisting of just one “Unprotect your file” button.

More detailed information about the service features and benefits can be found in the article “Password-Find vs. Password Recovery Software”.